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Strange Machines

LJ for author Thomas Pendleton / Dallas Reed

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Strange Machines


December 24th, 2008


 Sorry to have been out of touch, but I was hit with deadlines and personal distractions about five minutes after I set up this Live Journal account. Ha!

I hope everyone has a terrific holiday and a prosperous new year.  I'll do better with updates in '09.  Until then, Mina and Santa say, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!"

November 4th, 2008

Review of MASON

Gr 9 Up
Mason Avrett, who is mentally slow, has an uncanny ability to create realistic images with his imagination. He's been the subject of his older brother's hatred for years: at age nine, Gene, angered by the special attention Mason received from their parents, tried to kill him. Now in high school, the boys live with their aunt, who is oblivious to their animosity. Coldhearted and cruel, Gene is the brains behind a drug-dealing ring and continues to mentally and physically abuse his younger brother. When Rene, Mason's kindhearted childhood friend, is brutally beaten by Gene's thugs and left in a coma, Mason's special talent allows him to "see" her attackers. Using his power to create terrifying images in the minds of his victims, Mason soon becomes a formidable force as he seeks revenge on the perpetrators. This wonderfully written suspense story takes sibling rivalry to a scary level. Torn between his fear of his brother and his affection for Rene, Mason must ultimately move beyond this fear to overcome Gene's bullying. Pendleton has created a hero who is sometimes dark and scary, yet as gentle as a puppy. As the novel moves to its dramatic climax, readers can't help but feel the pain of this poignant young man whose birth places him in a dangerous environment. Horror fans will be thrilled by Mason's story.-Caryl Soriano, New York Public Library
Order your copy by clicking HERE!

November 3rd, 2008


Well, as my first post, I'll just introduce myself. My name is Thomas "Lee" Pendleton and I'm an author of Young Adult books. I have been writing professionally since 2005. Some of my books include the WICKED DEAD series from HarperTeen (co-written with Stefan Petrucha). My first solo YA title, MASON, came out from HarperTeen this summer (2008). Next up are SHIMMER and THE CALLING, releasing in 2009 (both under the pseudonym Dallas Reed). HarperTeen will also be publishing my urban fantasy trilogy, beginning with the book EXILED, arriving sometime in 2010. I have appeared at a number of conferences and conventions as a guest and/or panelist, and I enjoy chatting with anyone who loves books. (All of this is in my bio, btw).

I'm looking forward to making a lot of friends. Some fun stuff is coming up.
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